Wednesday, September 3, 2008

WD MyBook alternative

Amidst the storming amounts of downloads every single moment of different data types and data sizes, it all boils down to 1 question. " Does my Hard Disk got the capacity to hold all this data?" well maybe yes maybe no. HD quality movie nowadays eats up from 1.5gb to 4gb per movie, which is, Yes eats up disk space just for a single movie, but ofcourse you can have a good quality movie with nice resolution etc.

One solution that you might think of is having it burn to your dvd-r or dual layer dvd's, another solution is use a kick ass WD myBook 1TB of disk space to your machine. Comes with 6 different edition type which suites your needs. But 1 Tb WD MyBook cost around 11k to 14k pesos here in our local stores in iloilo, well those are the current prices here in Iloilo City. Well things doesnt have to end up that way, as consumers we need to look for other alternative solution, a cheaper solution which leads us to solution number 3.

Go to your local computer stores and purchase a 1Tb internal sata drive 7200 rpm which I think cost around 7k to 7200 pesos, then look for an external HD casing which supports sata ofcourse, this cost around 1k pesos to 1500 or lesser but I choose the external case from Phillips, because I think its the only available external casing which suits my needs quality and money wise hehe...their you go, you got your hybrid internal sata with 1 Tb of disk space 7200 rpm converted to an external HD similar to Western Digitals MyBook.

1Tb WD sata HD 7200 rpm internal HD + Phillips external disk casing = WD MyBook... Similar size with a lesser prize...see yah next time!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

2 small fish

I was talking with my best friends little brother rj last night and we’re talking about his big brothers personality and how persistent and dedicated he is on the things that he’s working on. Well having that kind of attitude toward things can bring those little dreams of yours sky rocketing. As we continued talking he shared to me that he finally created a brand name for the shirts that he’s working on, I forgot to say that this kid has a God given talent to make your tee shirts into his own canvas of art inspired by God. Guys watch out for this brand name into your local markets and hopefully soon nationwide, well I don’t know how he will do it but I believed and I know God will blessed this kid as he share his talent with others, keep up the good work rj!!! Oh I forgot, the brand name is called 2 Small Fish. Well obviously I asked rj what is the story behind his tee shirts brand. “It’s about one of the most inspiring story in the Bible, a little kid who shared his 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish and then from those 5 loaves and 2 fish Jesus fed all the people who are their during that time. The catch is, it’s about giving your talent or your everything to God and many people will be blessed just like what that little boy did, he shared.” He explained. Hmmmm 2 small fish indeed is a cool name with a deeper meaning supporting it. So guys always remember to share your talents with others just like that little boy, you’ll be blessed by God!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

KuritPinta's first

I welcome myself, KuritPinta to my first blog. Congratulations!! I am not a blogger or a good writer so am not into this, just lately that I noticed that its nice to write on something or anything that interest me or something about technology, gadgets etc...thanks to yugatech, though i dont know him personally I always dig into his reviews on current tech and gadgets...anyways though I dont have enough time to write into my first blog am just going to make everything in here short. I am currently unemployed. Yes I am unemployed (I dont have a stable job) but am working as a freelancer to sustain my hobbies, my gadgets and needs. I am a freelance IT consultant, web developer and graphic artist. I am part of a group of developers, we just form our group officially August 1, 2008 (am not sure though) more or less within the middle of july and august of this year. We already start working with some local projects and hopefully soon we are going to have our own clients and office. We will just take everything one step at a time, its going to be a long road...until here for now, see you on my next blog...Am going home now and sleep after 12 hours of work..sayonara!!!